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Add On Cooling in Melbourne

If you want an air conditioning unit that can be added onto your existing ducted heating system but are unsure which residential or industrial add on cooling providersto go with,you’ve come to the right place. SE Plumbing & Air Conditioning is a trusted add on cooling installation company that can set up an add on cooling system that allows you to enjoy gas ducted heating with add on cooling. No matter what property you need an add on cooling system for, our add on cooling specialists can help you

The Benefits of Add-On Cooling

  • One Duct System

An addon cooling unit is designed to use the same duct system as your heater. As leading ducted heating add on cooling service providers, we can recommend suitable systems that are compatible with your existing heater.

  • Zoning

Most add on cooling units can sustain different temperature levels in different rooms or areas of a building. This allows different users inside the same building to enjoy their preferred temperature in the room they’re in without affecting the temperature in any other room.

  • Add On When it Suits You

You can choose get a Brivis or Actron Air add on cooling installation when you first buy and install your heating system, or you can get it added on a later date. Our add on cooling unit service agents can recommended a good time for you to get an Actron Air or Brivis add on cooling installation service if you choose not to get it installed straight away.


Are you looking for a cost-effective way to cool or heat your home? If you live in Melbourne and have been wondering “where can I find a specialist air conditioning system installer.

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